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These Tweets About Binge Watching TV Are Too Painfully Relatable For Us To Deal
1 month ago

Watching TV before DVRs and streaming meant if you missed it, you missed out.

Modern Television consumption means that we choose the programs that we entirely lose our social spheres to. Binging is serious business, so please enjoy these cries for help.

1) Netflix - we get it, it's been a while. 

2) But seriously, we're not going anywhere. 

3) Please, let that timer go a little longer. Our dignity is at stake. 

4) In time, we will get up. Please continue. 

5) Our choices define us. 

6) Still, there are moments of triumph.

7) But more moments of cruel self-insight.

8) It's not often a part of our daily routine actually directly questions us. 

9) Horizons can be broadened, but in a narrow kind of way. 

10) But, sometimes we need to save ourselves from ourselves and let things expire. 

11) Because these aren't exactly achievements.

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