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Maddie Meyer/Getty Images
Cue The Wedding Bells—Sally Field's Son Sam Finally Met Adam Rippon

During the Olympics, actress Sally Field apparently went into full matchmaker mode when she found out her son, Sam Greisman, had a crush on figure skater Adam Rippon.

Greisman tweeted:

She's not wrong! Then Sally name checked Rippon in a retweet...

And Sam was like...

Many thought the story would end there, but on Saturday, March 10, Rippon visited L.A. to accept the Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award. And who happened to be in attendance at the event? None other than Sam Greisman!

The pair finally crossed paths, and it was all thanks to Sally Field!

Twitter was floored by how cute the whole situation was:

And, of course, people wanted to know the answer to a key question:

Mmhmm. Sure.

If Rippon and Greisman are in the midst of a star-studded romance, it seems they're keeping it to themselves. For the time being, we'll simply have to content ourselves with an admiration of Sally Field and her matchmaking magic!

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