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Zoos And Science Museums Are Trolling Animals With Fake Amazon-Style Reviews On Twitter

Zoos And Science Museums Are Trolling Animals With Fake Amazon-Style Reviews On Twitter
Updated 2 months ago

Who isn't fascinated with the animal kingdom? No one, that's who. From the adorable to the scary, the diversity of animal life on this planet is something to hold in awe. And on Friday the social media team at the Oregon Zoo thought it would be fun to start rating animals like they were reviewing products on Amazon.

It all started with this tweet about an otter:

According to the online publication Earther:

Shervin Hess, digital media lead at the zoo, explained that the tweet was inspired by Lincoln, an orphaned sea otter pup that recently took up residence at the zoo and with whom Hess has been spending a lot of time lately.
'He’s perfect. He’s like my little otter son,' Hess told Earther in an email. 'A few weeks ago I read an Amazon review for hiking boots and it was basically describing an him (waterproof, great for winter, only comes in brown). So the tweets just started writing themselves at that point.'

And once the inspiration bug had bitten, they couldn't help but post more.

There was this big-eyed beauty:

And this tiny little friend:

Hess soon asked his friend at the Monterey Bay Aquarium to get in on the fun, and they were more than happy to oblige.

There was this majestic creature:

And this slithery gal:

The #rateaspecies hashtag quickly went viral, and zoos and aquariums across the country wanted in.

Who wouldn't love this adorable leopard?

And this little fish who is mugging for the camera:

There was this bit of shared wisdom about felines:

And a creature right out of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:

How about this adorable guy mouth delivering a bouquet?

There was this evolutionary masterpiece:

And this evolutionary lovable weirdo:

Ah, Earth. what a glorious place.

H/T: Earther, Twitter