These Photos Of Adorable Kids And Adorable Dogs Are All The Cute We Needed This Week

These Photos Of Adorable Kids And Adorable Dogs Are All The Cute We Needed This Week
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4 months ago

Kids and dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly, like rice and beans, like coffee grounds and ice cream (don't judge, just try it!) - they're an adorable combo that we can't get enough of. 

With all of the constant negativity we see online, sometimes you just need a palette cleanser. So we're here with the brain bleach for you. 

We put together some of our favorite kid/dog combos for you to enjoy. 

1. All The Cuddles


2. Doggos Make Great Recliners

It's the newest furniture trend 

Squad 🐶👧🏼🐶😍

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3. These Two 


4. The Best Idea

We're inspired by their commitment to cozy

5. My Turn?

Nobody tell her she needs thumbs to play. 

6. What Are They Looking At? 

There's like a 98% chance the answer is squirrels.

7. This Super Trio


These three always save my days. They are my super heroes!!

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8. The Cookie

We don't know who got it in the end, but our money is on the kid. 

9. The Cool Kids

These two are cooler than we will ever be. 

10. Puppy Love

Smooch pooch is at it!

11. Dinner Companions

So dapper!

12. No Blanket Needed

Pups are way better for keeping warm.

13. The Action Shot

Just a blur of fun. A flur?

14. Curiosity

"Ok wait, so these are hands and these are paws?"

15. #SquadGoals

Our squad has never posed for such a perfect shot. We gotta up our game. 

16. What?

"Dude." "Bro."

17. Rollin' In The Deep (Puddle)

We have no words for how majestic this is. 

18. Spa Day

#Besties #BFFLS #Blessed #SpaDay #LivingMyBestLife #Squad

19. Reading Is FUNdamental!

And better with a friend.

20. Fitstagram!

"Kids are no excuse for not focusing on your health, you guys. "

21. These Two Are Feeling The Love

We're a little verklempt. 

22. Another Action Shot

The laughter is SO REAL.

23. Jurassic Bark

You know this kid was making pterodactyl screeches while he played. As well he should. We feel you kid. *Screeeeeeee!*

24. Beach Day

These two look like an add for sunblock and we love it. 

Please summer never end..

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25. BatDog

Nananananananana nananananananana 

There, now don't you feel better? We know we do.

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