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Girl Sends Selfie To Wrong Number, And Got A Response From A Bunch Of Kids

Who among us hasn't been out shopping for the perfect outfit and decided to ask our BFF for a little advice? Sydney was dress shopping and wanted feedback on a particular gown, so she texted a picture of herself to some friends, as one does. Unfortunately, Syd typed in the wrong number and her selfie's went flying to a bunch of strangers.

It would have been easy for the recipient to ignore the text or reply "wrong number," but instead he texted:

I believe this message was intended for someone else. My wife isn't home, so I couldn't get her opinion, but the kids and I think you look stunning in your dress! You should definitely go with that one!

Twitter was smitten with the group of kind kids:

The world is thirsty for kindness right now — the tweet has 170,000 retweets and 685,000 favorites.

What's more, the viral tweet brought attention to a great cause. A young member of the family who supported Sydney's dress is battling leukemia, and all this internet fame is drawing people to his Facebook page.

But questions remained. How was the family SURE that's the dress Sydney should buy?

Syd reportedly took their advice and bought the dress:

Try not to forget that the world is filled with kind people.

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