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These Dumb Childhood Misunderstandings Are As Relatable As They Are Embarrassing

Kids have such active imaginations.

In fact, as a kid you probably remember making up facts and believing them on the spot.  You're not the only one! 

@JenAshleyWright wanted to hear more of Twitter's stories, so she opened the conversation:

And the answers? Pure gold.

1. When it's a compliment but you think it's mean:

2. When you take the name literally:

2.5. Or just mishear it and then also take it literally:

3. Isn't this the plot of a horror movie?

4.  Gulliver's Radio:

5. Seahorses is just an exceptionally uncreative name:

6. Tidal wave in the kitchen:

7. The Twilight Zone does divorces so well!

8. Get a life, Sargent Pepper.

9. My cutlery is sensitive, too.

10. Painting a happy little bush:

11. Another tidal wave, this time at the White House:

12. This one is pretty common:

13. The books are really in danger, these days:

14. But why? We need water to live.

15. Cognito, IN: Population: you.

16. It's cold out:

17. We kill our employees when they don't do their jobs.

18. I was raised a virgin, but I'm not practicing:

19. -screaming- YOU LOOK GREAT IN THAT SUIT:

20. It's actually an exclusive club:

And as a bonus, your author's childhood misunderstanding:

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