These 'Walking Dead' Poster Mash-Ups Are Too Good To Be True, But We Want Them Any Way

These 'Walking Dead' Poster Mash-Ups Are Too Good To Be True, But We Want Them Any Way
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4 months ago

The Walking Dead became a cultural phenomena of massive proportions. Almost everyone is watching, or has watched and even people who don't watch regularly absolutely know what you're talking about when you mention it. 

Long story short, the show has a seriously devoted fanbase of ... um ... everyone. So when they put out a call for fans to share their favorite The Walking Dead/movie mashups, 

Internet was all like: 

So now that we're done laughing, crying, and yelling at our screens, we picked some of our favorites to share with you.

1. The Shape Of Walker

Keeping it Oscar-Relevant right out the gate! 

2. A Walker To Remember

Y'know, we always felt like we could use a little more of the undead in our young romance films.

3. Rick And Daryl's Excellent Adventure

We think calling it "excellent" might be a bit of a stretch.

4. Dude, Where's My Carl? 

Dude... not sweet. 

5. Fast Grimes At Ridgemont High

Only with way less pizza.

6. Honey I Shot The Kids

Okay we cringed a little at this one. That's how we knew we had to share it. 

7. Djesus Unchained

But maybe that wasn't the best idea. 

8. Look Who's Walking

Heartless. We love it. 

9.  Braaaaiiiiinnnn Man 

We admit, we'd watch it. 

10. The Dead Knight Walks

So does that mean we get Heath Ledger as the Joker again? 

11. How To Train Your Walkers

Heh. It's funny cause Toothless.

12. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Shiva

Good kitty.

13. You've Got Dale

We had almost forgotten that movie, but we could never forget Dale face. 

14. Full Leather Jacket

We hate him, but damn he looks good. 

15. A League Of Michonne

What's Geena Davis doing right now? Let's make this happen, people. 

16. Blood, Actually

Accurate title is accurate.

17. A Christmas "Carol" 

Well played.

18. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Daryl's

Two, Three, Four... hundred... 

19. Terminator 3: Rise Of The Michonne

Finally, a sequel we could be totally into. 

20. Me, Myself And Eugene

Liar, liar.

We know you're a creative group so you probably have some ideas of your own. Show us what you got!

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