Airline Passenger Arrested After He Strips Naked To Watch Porn Mid-Flight

Airline Passenger Arrested After He Strips Naked To Watch Porn Mid-Flight
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Updated 5 months ago

Even in our modern age of body acceptance and sexual progressiveness, some things are still frowned upon. Stripping naked, watching porn, and masturbating in the middle of a flight is definitely one of them. During a Malindo Air flight on March 3 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Dhaka, Bangladesh, a 20-year-old passenger did just that, and also attempted to "hug" several female team members before urinating on his seat. 

If there's a no-fly list for that sort of behavior, he's been added to it.

The passenger, a student of a private university in Cyberjaya, began acting strange shortly after the plane took off. He removed his clothes at 10,000 feet, disregarding the people around him. He then traveled to the bathroom while undressed, attempting to hug flight attendants along the way. Though he at first complied with requests to put his clothes back on, he became aggressive after flight staff wouldn't let him hug them and the flight's passengers and crew teamed up to restrain him. They tied his hands behind his back with a strip of cloth and relocated the people sitting in the seats surrounding him.

Malindo Air posted this statement to Facebook the next day:

With regards to the incident about a disruptive passenger onboard OD162 to Dhaka on 3 March, the crew on board has followed the standard operating procedure to restraint passenger from any further disruption to the crew and passengers onboard.

The disruptive passenger was accompanied by Dhaka security team upon arrival and he has been put to jail by authorities in Dhaka due to this offence.

The airline will continue to stay vigilant to ensure passengers travel soundly.

The nude passenger was arrested upon landing in Dhaka. No details have been given concerning his mental state or possible outside influences like drugs or alcohol. 

One can only hope this wasn't sober behavior.

A man who claims to have been a passenger on the ill-fated flight commented to Facebook:

I was in this flight.could not believe when I saw this guy walking besides me fully naked. Full credit to the crew members specially the pilot who initiated tying him up and 3 passengers who supported him. Also the flight attendendant were calm and did not panic. Well done Malindo airlines in ensuring the safety.

Though pictures of the passenger are now circulating on social media, most of the actual parties involved would surely like to forget the flight as soon as possible. Perhaps this is one of those stories that's funny from a distance, but horrifying up close. Thankfully, it's safe to say this unruly passenger won't be flying again anytime soon.