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People Are Trolling A Viral Brooklyn Food Photo, And We've Been Laughing At Them All Day

People Are Trolling A Viral Brooklyn Food Photo, And We've Been Laughing At Them All Day
2 months ago

So, apparently Brooklyn BBQ is taking over the world.

Or at least that's what Munchies would have us believe. The outlet, a child of Vice, posted this tweet the other day featuring a photo of the allegedly world-conquering BBQ. 

The tweet ended up roasted so hard it turned to char. At first, people just responded with sassy ways to say no, but after a while something glorious happened. The replies got more and more creative as people showed us what else from Brooklyn was taking over the world. 

We gathered some of our favorites for you. So kick up your Timbs. We're about to look at some of the funniest ways Twitter collectively went "Nah, fam."

1. Nachos

Is that ONE bean?

2. Soul Food

Brooklyn does actually have some amazing soul food... but we're pretty sure the crew from Munchies wouldn't be able to find it based on this BBQ thing.

3. Sandwiches

This read cuts deep if you know the Fyre Festival drama. The fraud, the expensive price tag, the terrible food! And even if you don't, that sad little sandwich says enough. 

4. Pizza

Pineapple does NOT go on pizza, but pizza might go on pineapple? Maybe? 

5. Tex Mex

*is busy being personally offended*

6. Men

Suddenly we're in the mood for tea. Anyone else? 

7. BBQ

Yeah that plate looked a little carb-heavy to us as well. 

8. Nachos, Round Two


9. Sushi

Do you like fish sticks? 

10. Deli

College? Is that you?

11. Burgers

Brooklyn is un-invited to the cookout.

12. Poutine

All the Canadians just walked away to take cleansing breaths, we know it. 

13. Tacos

That better be spicy ketchup, at least.

14. Pasta

10-year-olds everywhere are world renown chefs, we guess? 

Bonus Round: Here are some of our favorite one-liners about this travesty.

And this last one, that had us cackling. 

H/T: Twitter