A Toddler In China Reportedly Just Locked His Mom's iPhone For 47 Years

A Toddler In China Reportedly Just Locked His Mom's iPhone For 47 Years
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Updated 4 months ago

If you're the parent of a young child, there's a pretty good chance that your little one has locked you out of at least one of your devices. Personally, we've had to change more passwords and swipe patterns than we can count, though that might just be because we're sleep-deprived and numbers no longer make any sense to us.

We've never had it as bad as one poor mom in China. She gave her two-year-old her phone so that he could watch some educational videos on it. We don't know if she needed to cook, work, poop in peace, or even just breathe, but we totally get it. Sometimes, online videos are a godsend. Unfortunately, her mini-me had more of a "hands on" educational  experience in mind and decided to play with the functions of the phone. So he just kept pushing buttons and tapping away at the screen.

You see where this is going, don't you? Parents currently reading this are all cringing like they're watching a horror film and the slasher is RIGHT BEHIND the lead girl, but she doesn't know it yet. 

The toddler managed to lock Mom's phone for twenty five million minutes, or roughly 47 years. Mischief managed, kid. 

Mom took the phone in to be looked at and was told she would either have to wait until her kid was a 50-year-old man or reset the entire phone, erasing all the data she had on it. So far, she has waited months hoping the company will find another resolution. According to the tech, he's seen parents whose young kids have locked their phones for twice as long.

Twitter got a hold of the story and have been having a blast with it:

Parents of youngsters, how did you get around this trap? Do you just not hand over the phone? Have you gotten an inexpensive "play" phone or given your kid your old one when you upgraded? We'd like to avoid having our phones locked until we're dead.

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