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First Class Passenger Who Claimed She Is 'God' Tried To Open Emergency Door Mid-Flight

Passengers on board a Monday flight from San Francisco, California, to Boise, Idaho, will have quite the story to take home. Midway through the flight, a first class passenger began shouting "I am God!" and attempted to open the emergency exit. Other passengers heard the woman yell as she ran toward the exit:

I want to die! Get me off this plane!

Fun times!

Fellow passengers restrained the woman and the flight to Boise finished without incident. 

Upon landing, she was taken into custody for evaluation by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

Scott Smith, who sat near the woman on the flight, noticed right away something was wrong with her, but didn't know the extent of her duress. He told the Idaho Statesman:

She wasn’t acting right or normal from the very beginning (of the flight).

Apparently, Smith was tipped off by the woman repeating phrases like “God has all the data,” “I don’t have any data,” and “We landed in Boise 15 minutes ago,” to herself.

Though her behavior was obviously unsettling, Smith was "never that concerned." It turns out he had little reason to be, since opening any doors while the airplane cabin is pressurized is impossible.

That doesn't make it any less frightening, though.

Twitter had a typically snarky take on the incident:

If it turns out the woman on SkyWest flight 5449 actually is God, dying is going to be very awkward for all of us.

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