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An O'Reilly Auto Parts Easter Egg Has Once Again Gone Viral—And We May Be Stuck In A Time Loop

O'Reilly Auto Parts has been toying with the public since the late 2000's, and we love it. Every few years it seems the internet jumps into a virtual DeLorean and goes searching out a listing for a Flux Capacitor on the company's website. 

By going to and typing 121G into the search, you will see an ad for the main  component needed to build your own time-traveling car.


Sadly, the part is not actually for sale, but that doesn't mean people don't love it. In fact, every few years we love it all over again.  According to Mark Merz, a spokesperson for O'Reilly says:

Every couple of years somebody rediscovers it, finds it funny and shares it online.

People around the world are in on the joke.

"Oh! Just what I needed to finish my home science project hipertemporoespacial at kinetic level. "

" I thought that Emmet Brown Industries no longer manufactured this model..." 

We don't know if there are other "easter eggs" hidden within the site. O'Reilly is keeping mum on the situation.  According to Merz:

It's a fun, neat way to interface with our customers. There could be other things out there, but this is the one we'll talk about.

It still gets us too! Let's say we set our time navigation system to 2021 and meet back at O'

H/T: USA Today