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Farm's Puzzling Sign For Visitors Catches Twitter Off Guard
2 months ago

Nestled in southwest London's Vauxhall District is a charity run farm called Vauxhall City Farm (VCF). The farm focuses on education, youth work, animal care, and horticulture and even has a riding center for the disabled. They bill themselves as a "little piece of countryside in central London" that provides "visitors and the local community with educational activities, riding lessons and a peaceful escape from city life."

But it's not the little slice of idyllic farm life VCF offers its urban visitors that captured the attention of Twitter users recently.

A simple sign had people all atwitter after Ashley tweeted this shot:

Some people were reduced to giggles, or at least the laughing until crying emoji:

Others marveled at the rather transformational diet these animals seem to be on: 

But mostly, it was punny and we were all reduced to playing along for sheeps and giggles:

Something's amiss with that signage and everyone online got a good chuckle, but the good news is at least nobody made an ass of themselves. πŸ˜‚

H/T: Twitter