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Screenshot Twitter @danisnobunk
Woman Gets An Eerie Feeling That Her Lizard Might Have Committed A Horrific Crime

We all get that feeling once in a while our pets are up to no good but we just can't catch them in the act. Cats hiding your favorite earring or a dog burying your underwear in the backyard, but for one pet owner, the crimes may be escalating. 

Izzy from Chicago might have caught her pet lizard Petey looking awfully guilty. What he's done remains a mystery, but we should all be very afraid. 

Immediately the internet noticed a creepy resemblance to "Disaster Girl" whose freaky meme took went viral years ago. 

Screenshot Twitter @danisnobunk

Be afraid Izzy, be very afraid. 

Someone may be looking for an alibi. 

And of course, here come the memes. 

And the puns.

Oh Petey! What have you done? 

H/T: Twitter Moment