People Are Sharing Their Cringiest Celebrity Encounters, And We Can Barely Handle Them

People Are Sharing Their Cringiest Celebrity Encounters, And We Can Barely Handle Them
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We live in a society that holds celebrities up as some kind of pinnacle of perfection and awesomeness. We almost never see them undone or anywhere other than events, so it can be easy to forget that they're just people like us (okay not like us, but still people.)

Every now and then, we "regular" people come into direct contact with a celeb - and most of the time it's a completely uneventful moment. Smile, wave, maybe a selfie and that's it. Everyone goes about their day, maybe you get a cool story out of the encounter. Sometimes, though, it's a total awkward cringefest that has us wondering why life is even like this. Why are celebs like this? Why are we like this? 

Like... WHY, though?

We'll get to our celebrity cringefest stories in a moment, but first let's check in with Twitter, where Sarah Kay shared her embarrassing story and then asked for others to help her feel less alone in her awkward. Twitter obliged. There were tears. We snort-laughed. Good times had by all ... 

1. The Tweet That Started It All

We love Sara Bareilles... and no, we won't tag her in... or will we?

2. Dissapointed

Great, now Joe Jonas has an inferiority complex. Poor dude probably thought you wanted one of the other Jonas brothers. 

3. Snacks

Nobody offers us vending machine snacks ... :-/

4. Thor Who?

Yeah we had to look it up. It's an Australian soap opera he was on from 2004-2007. We'll let you have the joy of doing an image search. It's glorious.

5. Hip Check!

Guys please do not get all ice hockey on the celebs... 

6. Stating The Obvious

Followed by "Yo Rock, you muscley!" 

7. Yodeling

Wait... even with the yodeling she actually came over to talk? Is she a sheep? Someone look into this. 

8. Serenading Gwyneth Paltrow

In all fairness, you probably could have pulled it off had you committed to the choreography. 

9. Paparazzi


10. Oops

Broken pen, ripped poster... WHY LIFE, WHY? 

11. Here, Sign This Picture Of Someone Else

Oh good, someone caught the awkward on film. 

12. Probably Not Getting That Job, Ever

"Probably to get security" ... ... ... probably right.

13. Apologizing To Cardboard

That laughter will ring in her memories forever. 

14. So Very Small

... but did you remember to mention he was smaller than you expected? We feel like he might totally want to know he was smaller than you expected. 

15. "It's The American!" 

We cackled. Way to make us look like not-spazzes, there, Kelly. 

16. 2 for 1 Deal

Twice the celebs means twice the awkward!

17. A Rose By Any Other Name ... 

would probably have been a tad less awkward.

18. Charlie Cox's Wife

Now we're imagining Charlie Cox at a winery using the Shaggy defense like:

"Oh I saw you on the TV!"
"It wasn't me."
"Now you're here at the winery!"
"It wasn't me."
"But, you're standing with your wifey?"
"It wasn't me." 

19. Screaming In Wonder Woman's Face

*cringe intensifies*

20. Dog Concussions

... but is the dog okay?

21. Harry Potter And The Existential Crisis

Do any of us truly know how we're doing? Truly? 

22. Makeup Advice

Whatever it was, it was magic. 

23. More Tiny Celebs

You guys know they're not born 9 feet tall with a spotlight on them, right? 

24. Before And After

We're sitting here looking at pics... and we're honestly not sure we loved him before.

25. Which He Didn't

Now we're sitting here coming up with alternative pronunciations.

So now onto my story. Let's set the scene for you. It's Warped Tour in South Florida - which means it's approximately 525,600 degrees outside in the shade. I'm young, overweight, insecure, awkward, and sweating so heavily that I can smell myself - and I smelled like KFC biscuits, which is not a natural scent for a human being. 

I turn a corner, huffing and puffing as I trudge through the crowd desperate to find shade and some water. My eyes are cast downward so as not to risk the sun reflecting off of the blood-red eye shadow I had used to fill in my entire eye socket (because emo) and so nobody would dare speak to me (because edgelord.) And then I bumped into someone hard enough that it caused a sweat-splash. I look up. Then very up. Did I mention I'm 4'10? And then the reality hit me.

Oh God. I just crashed all my biscuit-scented sweatiness into Davey Havok.

A.F.I. was one of those bands that changed the whole world for me.  I was a card-carrying fan club member! I wanted to tell him how he changed my world view, not just with his lyrics or by being bard to my very soul, but with his politics, his shirking of gender norms, his decision to stand on what he believes in and what is best for him regardless of whether it was "cool" or not. Young me was inspired by Davey in ways that super-old me still can't articulate. Being a writer and performer, I could totally do this!

Or so I thought.

What happened was a misfire somewhere between brain and mouth that caused me to emit a blurting screech like a mountain goat and shout:


His response?

"I should hope so." 

Followed by this face:

If you've got a cringey encounter to share, sound off in the comments!

H/T: Twitter