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An Old British Kids Show Has Twitter In Tears Over Its Unfortunate Title

With "spotted dick" and "rubbers" and a certain term for cigarettes, British lingo can have a way of catching Americans off guard, but even Brits are balking at the name for this 1980s children's show.

Because this is the internet, we can't just let things be pure. Twitter users had a lot to say:

Some saw past the unintentional entendre and opted to reminisce about "T-Bag" (yes, that's the name of the show):

But there were burns to be had:

We shudder just thinking about which other beloved kids show titles will be relegated to sex act slang in the future: "And then we just Wizards of Waverly Placed in every single room, bro." "I'm gonna Phil of the Future all over you." "Are you into Bear in the Big Blue House?"

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