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This Cartoonist Created All-New Canadian Pokemon, And Canadians Just Can't Get Enough

Canadians are awesome, if for nothing more than their adorable idioms and globally renowned self-awareness of said idioms. 

In honor of the recent #PokemonDay, artist Darren Calvert (@DMACalvert) created a whole slew of Pokemon to represent his home and native land. 

I mean, absolute genius:


The famous Canadian pronunciation informs several of the designs. 


As does their famous - if not particularly healthy - cuisine. 


They do love their loons, after all. 


Some of the creations have obvious evolutions. 

Thanks to the miracle of the internet, this blew up so quickly that within days these Pokemon were on Cub Scout Badges.

Almost as quickly, Darren realized he needed to deepen the Pokedex.


This only makes sense in context.


And some wanted to catch 'em all:

So, in conclusion:

Gordo and Mr. Garth are but a breath away.

H/T: Twitter