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Dublin Airport Police Just Shared A Video Of Them Saving A Tiny Baby Hare From Heavy Snow
2 months ago

Being a policeman in Dublin, Ireland, means you have duties beyond serving and protecting human beings. You've got the added responsibility of saving adorable little bunnies who get caught out in the snow!

The Dublin Airport Police caught the whole incident on video:

The airport began sending out updates on the bunny. Apparently some people had trouble telling what it was from the video...

The hare was named Emma and she became fast friends with the airport staff.

Followers of the Dublin Airport's Twitter (a surprisingly large number) were grateful to police and airport staff for keeping the hare safe.

Some people expressed their relief with questionable puns:

It's hard not to fall in love with a little bunny so willing to ask for help!

But what has become of this hare's family?

No need to worry! Emma went home with her rescuer and is resting comfortably for now.

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