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Rod Waddington/Flickr
Twitter Is All About This Russian Senator's Gravity-Defying Hair

Her name is Valentina Petrenko. She's a senator in the Russian Federation, representing the Republic of Khakassia, and her hair appears to defy the laws of nature. Petrenko has apparently been a curiosity in Russia for some time, but they appear to be no closer to explaining her towering curls than we are.

Australian news editor Alex Bruce-Smith shared photos of the senator's incomparable hair:

Many people were in awe of the indescribable hairstyle:

And for Twitter users, it was a goldmine of memes:

But those with similarly uncontrollable hair sympathized with Petrenko:

Petrenko has fielded her share of questions about her signature style, but says there isn't much to it:

I’m so tired of answering these questions. I just have curly hair. I lift it upwards with some hairpins, that is all.

Even experts can't explain Petrenko's hair, so for now it shall remain a mystery...

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