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These Dangerously Overloaded Trucks Would Give Us A Panic Attack On The Highway

Trucks are about as American as apple pie, the 4th of July, marrying your gun in holy matrimony, and riding a bald eagle over a rainbow of cowboy hats. 

With a big thanks to country music and the false ideal of hauling just the most ridiculous things, Americans are notorious for our love of trucks. Sometimes, though, we tend to go a bit overboard.

Because seriously, look at these things.

1. Is that a rocket?


2. And wait, how did he get up there?

The Chive

3. How do you do physics again?

The Chive
The Chive

4. I mean, it's like, how...?

The Chive

5. We'd call it "Truckception"?

The Chive

6. So close...

The Chive

7. Slow clap for these geniuses...


8. Because at the end of the day, these people are giving it their all. 

The Chive

9. You can never have too many of a good thing...

The Chive
The Chive

10. Really, at the end of the day, it's all about saving a few-

The Chive

11. Oh humans, never change.


H/T: The Chive