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Woman Tweets Definitive 'Turtleneck Alignment Chart'—Where Do You Stand?

Woman Tweets Definitive 'Turtleneck Alignment Chart'—Where Do You Stand?
3 months ago

What does your turtleneck say about you? That's the question fashion news writer Emilia Petrarca is trying to answer with her "turtleneck alignment chart." 

The hilarious tweet shows a variety of turtleneck-wearing celebrities, from Taylor Swift to the iconic Audrey Hepburn, with character alignment profiles such as "lawful good" or "chaotic evil" beneath each one. 

Check it out:  

It didn't take long for Twitter to get in on the fun:

Criminal justice reporter CJ Ciaramella may have stumped everyone on this one:

The turtleneck alignment chart isn't all Petrarca had to say on the subject. In a recent piece for The Cut, she extolled the versatility of the garment and championed it as an ideal choice for first dates.

She said:

On a basic level, turtlenecks are comfortable — an important quality in a first-date outfit. They’re soft and clingy and warm, and they keep you snug emotionally, too. Like Victoria Beckham, you can burrow your face in a tall turtleneck collar when going out in public feels daunting. Or, in emergencies, when a date has bad breath. They’re the ideal garment for introverts, germophobes, and those like the late, great Nora Ephron, who feel bad about their necks.  

Some shared their own experiences when it comes to the clingy clothing:

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