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Vince/Talotta/Getty Images
When There's A Giant Hole In Your Office Wall, The Only Thing To Do Is Turn It Into Art
2 months ago

Malboury Jones (@Malboury) and her coworkers had a problem: when their office relocated, a contractor apparently didn't think one of their new walls was worth finishing, which resulted in an unattractive set of exposed wires. Jones knew just what to do, however. 

The addition of a small plaque turned the eyesore into modern art:

The plaque reads:

A daring interpretative piece, Exposed Wiring & Controls was part of a series of unfinished works made in the spring of 2018. Critics have suggested it is a commentary on modern life’s obsession with time constraints and the nature of incomplete projects. The partly finished work unashamedly displays the artist’s underlying processes, daring the viewer to criticism.

A confident, accomplished work.

And the joke didn't stop once the problem was "fixed":

How did art fans feel about Malboury's fix?

But it turns out Jones wasn't the only person to make this joke...

Is this an instance of life imitating art... or art imitating life?

Our takeaway: if anything in your life looks a little off, slap up a plaque and call it your latest work.