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Funny Or Die's Latest Tweet About Olympic Ice Dancers Scott Moir And Tessa Virtue Is Just Too Good 😂
3 months ago

On Monday, February 19th, Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue of Canada took the gold medal for Ice Dancing at the 2018 Winter Olympics. The internet was overjoyed, having long shipped the famously affectionate duo (who are NOT in a relationship, so stop asking!)

Funny or Die, the internet comedy website, was a little too distracted to celebrate the pair's victory, however. 

After watching the ice dancing routine, there was only one thing on their minds:

Once @FunnyorDie pointed Moir's perspective out, Twitter couldn't unsee it.

And, frankly, it didn't seem like they wanted to.

Moir's face looks truly reverent.

Twitter couldn't help but play along with the bit:

Though, all jokes aside, Moir's position was quite dangerous...

Surely Moir and Virtue won't mind these jokes now that they have a gold medal to comfort them. 

Congrats to the Canadian skating duo on 1st place, and on this truly life-changing set of pictures!

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