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The 'Hollow Earth Theory' Makes Flat-Earthers Seem Intelligent By Comparison

The 'Hollow Earth Theory' Makes Flat-Earthers Seem Intelligent By Comparison
Updated 3 months ago

The best part of science is that it is constantly challenging itself, reaching for a deeper understanding, a stronger certainty, a wider image, a more perfect conception of our universe.

But we live in a world made imperfect by the absolute silliness of silly people, so it is with a mixture of frustrations and schadenfreude that we introduce you to a group of individuals who know the earth is hollow and that hyper-advanced Übermensch dwell there within. We're going into a GIF-heavy territory, so it's probably best to start with the definitive response to the subject.

Yup. Someone out there at some point said, "Flat Earthers? What a bunch of idiots! Clearly the Earth is a ping pong ball with holes on both ends and also supermen live inside the middle!" On what we imagine must have been an otherwise slow day at the Sun, one Rodney Cluff, author of the book World Top Secret: Our Earth IS Hollow, was brought in to talk about his 'findings' and perhaps why he capitalized the weakest word in his book's title. 

Cluff explained: 

  • The Earth is a Russian nesting doll planet
  • "Suspended in the centre of that hollow is an interior sun that is divided by day and night sides"
  •  'Alien humans, Vikings and Nazis living in paradise' are the lucky inhabitants of Middle Earth Atvatabar, the humiliatingly-named core
  • Those superhumans or whatever are the real aliens that people keep seeing, who appear on our side to prevent nuclear war and then peace out back inside

Cluff didn't mention if there was another world inside that world, and whether there was another world within that world, and so on, so it's tough to take him at face value. Cluff tried to organize an expedition to the North Pole to find our planet's belly button. Though you may huff and puff and chuffle and fluff, Rodney Cluff could not raise enough and his trip to the pole was abandoned as tough and the whole enterprise was dismissed as a bluff. But seriously, they never left Utah.

But he did make this extraordinary claim:

I get emails from people learning about it every day. It’s definitely growing in popularity – certainly not in the millions, but maybe in the thousands?

There are some videos on YouTube with thousands of views expounding on the issue. It is, however, tough to separate the views of actual truth seekers from views of people like us who understand that modern science settled the conversation in the 19th century. But who needs hundreds of years of study and measurement when you can just say stuff like, "the evidence demonstrates..." followed by a jolly psuedoscientific word soup?

Get any of that? 

Yeah, I dunno. The flat earthers are easier to dispute because all you need is an ant and an orange. 

But the Hollow Earth theory requires a taste for fantasy, which science really can't touch. The best we can do is GIF them into submission.

H/T: Indy100