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PornHub Just Released A List Of Odd Search Terms From Its Users During The Olympics

PornHub Just Released A List Of Odd Search Terms From Its Users During The Olympics
Updated 3 months ago

The Winter Olympics are in full swing in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and the world can't stop watching. Every 4 years, for two glorious weeks, Americans become obsessed with curling, skiing, and figure skating. Depending on who you ask, in fact, it's possible they've become too obsessed.

PornHub, the world's most popular porn site, has just published some statistics showing how Olympics-related searches have increased by huge margins during the games. 

Like, really HUGE margins:

During the games, Olympic-related searches have increased by over 500%. 

The actual search term "Winter Olympics" has risen in popularity by an astounding 3445%, which is even more popular than the always classic "Sex olympics."

And even "Korean" porn searches are up 38%:

But who are these Olympic porn watchers? Well, many may very possibly be the athletes themselves, as internet traffic in the area of the Olympic village and events has spiked by 85%. 

To be fair, what are the supposed to be doing once they've finished their event and there's still a week to kill?

If you're wondering what kind of porn viewership the Olympics inspired, don't worry! PornHub has you covered - they also published a list of their "Top Gaining Categories" during the week leading up to Valentine's Day. 

Congratulations to threesome, lesbian, and anal, our gold, silver, and bronze medalists for the 2018 porn Olympics!

Some Twitter users had...questions:

But mostly they were just loving the data download:

Thanks, PornHub, keep the data...err...coming!