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Someone Just Turned Their Roommate's Bedroom Into A Museum Exhibit

Someone Just Turned Their Roommate's Bedroom Into A Museum Exhibit
Updated 3 months ago

We grew up watching shows like A Different World and movies like Real Genius that made us think college life was going to be a parade of brilliant people out-thinking one another, pulling highly intellectual pranks, and filling large spaces with popcorn. Then those people would be lifelong friends and we'd all live in amazing apartments in the city that we could never really afford on our salaries. Thanks, media! When we actually got there, we realized we'd maybe get the popcorn thing and our pranks were less intellectual and more random phallic drawings. Also, those friends may not be friends next week. Also, roommates... because cost of living is OMGWHY. 

So let's give Ellen and her housemates a standing ovation for being the type of witty and fun friends we hoped we'd have as adults. 

Some of Ellen's housemates went away for a short vacation, so the others sprang into action. Check it out. 

It's brilliant and perfect in it's simplicity. So wrong (literally) and yet oh so very right. In other words, it was perfect for Twitter. 

Not only did it have people laughing, it was kind of inspirational. 

We'll be watching to see what other sorts of shenanigans happen over there, and we'll keep you posted!

H/T: Twitter