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The Olympics Has Twitter Wondering About Their Own Athletic Abilities—And They Have An Idea
3 months ago

Have you ever watched the Winter Olympics and thought to yourself, "Pffft, I could totally do that"?  Some events you watch and just know there's no way that's happening. We can't even stand on ice skates, much less do eleven flips, land on the tip of one toe, and then kick our legs up over our heads. Other events look like the sort of thing we could figure out with enough beer and friends. 

We're looking at you, curling. We could totally sweep the floor really fast with our homies. We think.

But that's the thing — we can't. We'd probably slip and break a tailbone before anyone could even Google to see what those sweepy ice-broom things are even called. It's just that Winter Olympics athletes are so good at what they do that they make it look really easy, so we lose all frame of reference! 

Enter Twitter: 

You guys, we really can't do these events. But we'd be totally willing to watch average people like ourselves try... and fail miserably.

Just when we thought people were starting to understand how much we can't do these things... curling strikes again.

Carolyn tried to talk some sense into people, though. THANK YOU CAROLYN!

H/T: Twitter