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Air Force Staff Sgt. Sean Martin/Wikimedia Commons
Melania Trump Only Follows Five People On Twitter, And Obama Is The Most Recent
2 months ago

First Lady Melania Trump follows just five accounts on Twitter, and one of them is former President Barack Obama's.

Here's a screenshot of the First Lady's official Twitter account:

Her husband appears twice on the list, alongside Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence. That leaves just one other accountβ€”Obama's. In such a small group, it's rather conspicuous, prompting many to speculate about what it might mean.

British novelist Matt Haig was the first one to point it out on Twitter:

Reactions ranged from amusement... concern:

Commiseration was also a consistent theme:

But others were suspicious of President Trump's possible motives:

Comedian Rickey Smiley asked the question on everyone's mind:

And Twitter users were more than happy to chime in:

Speculation about Melania Trump's (un)happiness in the marriage has skyrocketed following the Stormy Daniels scandal last month, and the First Lady's subsequent decision to break tradition and travel without her husband from the White House to the Capitol. 

This person seems to think her decision to follow Obama is a calculated one: