Woman Catches The Neighbor's Dog Hitching A Ride On Her Pony In Viral Facebook Video

Woman Catches The Neighbor's Dog Hitching A Ride On Her Pony In Viral Facebook Video
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Updated 5 months ago

Callie Schenker, a young woman from Missouri, got quite the surprise on Thursday night when she returned from a trip to a fast food restaurant to find the neighbor's dog sitting on her pony's back. Schenker noticed the odd pair in the beam of her headlights behind a fence. Her pony, Cricket, was standing quietly with a Corgi sitting on its back. When Schenker made a kissing sound, the pony ran off — taking the dog with him.

Schenker posted the funny video on Facebook and it went viral. She says she's had tons of feedback and a whole lot of questions. In fact, she's gotten so many repeated questions, she added an update to the post.

Here are some of Schenker's FAQs:

Did she put the dog on the pony? No. Is her pony for sale? No. Did the dog get hurt? No. Is the dog abused at home? No, he just lives in a rural area and likes to travel. What happened to Cricket's eye? He lost it in an incident years ago, that had nothing to do with the dog.

Apparently the neighbor's dog has a habit of sneaking over and making himself at home, entering the dog door and stealing her dogs' food. Schenker describes the dog as, "Kind of a pain in the butt."

But the absurd comedy of this situation prompted Schenker to pull out her camera:

He rode it like people. That, to us, is the killer of the video — that he actually stayed on. I'm really glad everyone got a good laugh out of it — if they got a laugh from the actual dog, or a laugh from my laugh. I'm glad it's something happy this time instead of something sad in the news.

But wait! This isn't the first time the dog has been caught riding the pony. It happened once before but Schenker only snapped a photo. This time she was sure to get video. 

The owners of the dog follow the Mennonite faith and do not use computers, so they have no idea their pooch is famous.

Puppies and ponies always give the warm fuzzies:

Of course it is the internet and some folks couldn't resist:

There's not! Just enjoy the cute video and get your mind out of the gutter, people.