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Twitter screenshot
The New York Times Has Couches That Employees Can't Quite Seem To Figure Out How To Sit On

Though it may seem self-explanatory at first glance — I mean how complicated can it be? — this pair of couches at the New York Times Building has employees scratching their heads.

It all started with this tweet from Erin McCann, a writer for the Times:

McCann wasn't the only one perplexed by the Clockwork Orange-esque furnishings.

Other employees at the Times, and Twitter users in general, decided to weigh in on the kooky contours: 

Peeps got creative with their own interpretations of the befuddling couches.

Because this looks so comfortable — not bad for the back at all:

Priceless pose:

It does seem like the sort of thing that pets would be all about:

Who says the couch is no place for exercise?

Clever... clever...

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