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Evan Emos/Wikimedia
Man's Grandma Taped Over The Pope's Funeral With 'Harry Potter'—And Twitter Nostalgically Chimed In
2 months ago

Those of us who lived in the age of VHS probably remember the frequent dilemma of running out of tapes and having to choose what to record over since you'd never see it again. There were many frantic moments right before a live broadcast when you had only a few minutes to make the cold, hard choice of what to say goodbye to forever. 

One Twitter user found something at his grandma's house that reminded him how unsentimental reusing tapes could be.

It turns out he wasn't alone. Twitter users could relate, and many approved of his grandma's choice:

Others recalled their own precious memories that got taped over:

Though the label said "Harry Potter," one user wondered what grandma actually recorded on the tape:

Let's hope Grandma's favorite class at Hogwarts was Defense Against Intellectual  Property Claims:

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