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Natalie Rice
Mother And Daughter Surprise Each Other With The Same Valentine's Day Gift In Viral Video
3 months ago

With her family mourning the loss of their longtime pooch, Natalie decided to surprise her mother with a precious Blue Heeler puppy. As she reveals the early Valentine's gift, Natalie gets a surprise of her own. What's better than one puppy on Valentine's Day?

That's right, y'all. While many people give chocolate for Valentine's Day, Natalie's mom opted for a Chocolate Lab instead (and a pretty impressive poker face, considering the circumstances).

As the web histories of bored nine-t0-fivers and college students will attest, the internet kinda digs puppies. And Twitter, predictably, let the dogs out. 

Some were confused:

Others weren't even mad:

Some were, dare I say, a tad jealous?

A few even pondered death and life after loss:

And while mother and daughter were anxious of what Natalie's dad would say, these two pups seem certain they have nothing to worry about.

But far and wide, the internet agreed on one thing: