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There's A Conspiracy Theory That Adele And Sam Smith Are Actually The Same Person

The conspiracy theory that British singers Sam Smith and Adele are actually the same person just got some pretty conclusive evidence this week. What started as perhaps a small coincidence that the two singers have never been in the same place or photographed together, has now gathered momentum with new information. 

Twitter user @Jesse21Valona wasn't just relying on "fake news" to prove his point. He actually put scientific research behind his theory and came out with some pretty compelling facts.

Prepare yourself. Everything you believe to be true may just come crashing down. @Jesse21Valona slowed down Adele’s 2015 hit song Hello and you won't believe what happens next.

Did you know that when you slow down Adele it’s actually Sam Smith. 


 @Jesse21Valona didn't stop there. He backed up his research by sharing  Adele’s Million Years Ago

Needless to say this astonishing news sent Twitter into a frenzy. 

People started coming up with theories as to what's behind this. 

Still others needed more evidence.

And the consensus was...

We may be going down the rabbit hole. Who knows where this could lead. 

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