9-Year-Old Girl Sells Impressive Amount Of Girl Scout Cookies Next To Weed Dispensary

9-Year-Old Girl Sells Impressive Amount Of Girl Scout Cookies Next To Weed Dispensary
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5 months ago

Customers craving the infamous Tagalongs, Samoas, and Thin Mints had the perfect spot to purchase them this past weekend. Where is the smartest but most unlikely place for a California Girl Scout to sell cookies? Outside of a marijuana dispensary, of course! 

A 9-year-old sold a ton of the well-known cookies outside of the shop Urbn Leaf in San Diego. 

She and her father parked their cookie booth in quite a strategic spot, remaining off shop grounds but still within clear and plain sight for all customers with the munchies to see. 

The duo sold over 300 boxes of cookies in a mere few hours, earning an even bigger profit because of the Super Bowl:

Smart girl, huh? Turns out, location is everything – and in this case, makes all the difference. . 

People are praising the little entrepreneur on the rise, dubbing her as a total genius for this brilliant idea:

Like, do Girl Scouts get badges for creative thinking? Because she is more than deserving of it for thinking this up:

Some are calling into question whether selling cookies outside of marijuana dispensaries is violating the rules. As it turns out, she is in the clear.

The matter was looked into, and according to Alison Bushan, a spokeswoman for Girl Scouts San Diego, because she was selling them on a rolling cart, on the sidewalk and accompanied by an adult, she was within the rules for booth sales.

The dispensary posted a photo to their social media advertising the cookies in front of their business, and despite recreational marijuana being legalized, some are criticizing her father for bad parenting. Others are suggesting that those parents are only criticizing the clever father-daughter team because they didn't think of it first:

Congratulations to the pint-sized business woman. Eager to see what other brilliant ventures she capitalizes on in the future:

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