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Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images
Video Of Bradley Cooper Having Time Of His Life At Super Bowl Emerges Online
3 months ago

In the movie Silver Linings Playbook, Bradley Cooper played a man whose family was uncomfortably obsessed with the Philadelphia Eagles. It turns out that his character's "motivation" came from a very real place β€” Cooper was at the Super Bowl, clad in Eagles gear, having the time of his life.

Cooper had a classy seat in the owner's box, but it didn't stop him from going wild for every big play:

His expressions were priceless:

Twitter users couldn't get enough Cooper:

The actor goes deep into his characters...

And the Super Bowl isn't the only sporting mega event Cooper has attended recently:

When the Eagles finally claimed victory, the entire city of Philadelphia rejoiced. This, of course, includes Cooper, whose emotions were almost too much to handle. Congratulations on a well-earned victory, Philly!