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Frank Micelotta/Getty Images
Will Smith's 'Game Day' Video He Made For The Eagles Takes Internet By Storm
3 months ago

For Will Smith, fans referencing his opening line from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air are probably a daily occurrence. But his character from the '90s sitcom isn't the only one who's "West Philadelphia, born and raised!" The real Smith also grew up in Philadelphia and, like any true Philly native, holds a deep love for the Eagles. On Super Bowl Sunday, "Mr. July" released a hype video spurring the birds to victory.

The video is pretty unforgettable:

Of course, Twitter couldn't help but make the obvious reference:

Some believe the Eagles' win may have been possible because of the "Smith Effect":

Fans celebrated alongside the star as Philly claimed victory:

Other Twitter users were more focused on how good Smith's selfie-movie turned out:

In the Smith household, the celebration is still going. Congrats to Philly and its star citizen on a big win. BILLY'S IN THE BUILDING!