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Recently Restored Big Ben Clock Isn't Working The Way That He Should

The clock in the tower in London that holds the renowned Big Ben bell fell down on its job today, running a whopping 20 minutes behind. It's known for being spot-on — even during WWII the clock remained within a second and a half of accuracy, according to Simon McCoy of BBC News. So some Brits were taken aback by this anomaly. Of course the fact that the tower (renamed Elizabeth Tower in 2012) is currently undergoing major renovation may have a little something to do with it.

The BBC News explains how the troubled timepiece was brought to their attention:

There were some attempts at humor:

But Twitter was largely unconcerned:

The UK has much more pressing issues to contend with right now:

It's uncertain when the clock will be fixed, so for now Londoners will just have to...

H/T: Twitter