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Comedian Roasts 'No Small Parts' Saying In Regards To Women—And Twitter Kept It Going
3 months ago

Constantin Stanislavski, co-founder of the world-famous Moscow Art Theatre and author of An Actor Prepares, once remarked: "There are no small parts, only small actors."  

And while the quote works in theory, it doesn't always quite hold up in practice.

Comedian, actress, and writer Aparna Nancherla, who appears as Grace in the Comedy Central series Corporate and hosts the podcast Blue Woman Group, which has been called a hilarious podcast about depression, recently took to Twitter recently with quite a different take on the quote.

Especially when it comes to women working in Hollywood:

Twitter was quick to agree with Nancherla while offering up some other common roles for women: 

It's amazing how many juicy parts are out there for actresses to sink their creative teeth into: 

Many reminded Nancherla that she forgot one major Hollywood role for women: the murder victim!

But, still, parts in relation to the murder victim appeared to be plentiful:

Some pointed out the importance of the "murder victim" role: 

Playing a dead girl is such a part of our television and movie culture that there's even a film being made about it: 

It would seem that Nancherla is onto something.

H/T: Twitter