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Delicious chicken fingers or chicken nuggets with french fries and a little salad as side dish, traditional kid's meal. (Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images)
Woman's NSFW Rant About Kids And Junk Food Emerges Online
3 months ago

In response to unrealistic standards many parents often deal with every day, Chelsea O'Connor, a U.K. mother of two, posted a reality check on her Facebook page. Several reality checks, actually. She has a passion for this subject and really got her rant on.

Chelsea's post starts with an informed rant on healthy eating.

Typical good parenting statement: “I Never Let my Kids eat processed Foods”

Chelsea's response: "Oh Pi** off Paula you lying Bas****! After a week of 3 School Runs a day, plus the ‘I forgot my banana on the stairs Mum!!’ re run before you eventually turn up for Work, looking like something a Fucking Cat Dragged in, you reach for those Chicken Twa***** Nuggets, Chips and Beans on a Friday Night like we all do!"

Typical good parenting statement: “My Kids are in bed by 7pm every Night”

Chelsea's response: "Really Susan?? REALLY?? Because my little C**** were swinging from the Curtains like F****** Spider Monkeys every night last week until 8:30pm when they eventually shut the f*** up and went to sleep. F*** off Susan ya lying t****, and put your Piriton Syringe away ya cheating f*** stick!"

Typical good parenting statement: “My kids are only allowed their Tablets for 20 Minutes a Day”

Chelsea's response: "Barbara you’re a lying Ba*****! We all tell them to ‘watch a film’ whilst we clean our S*** hole houses, then before we know it they’re neck deep and 2 hours into some screaming little t*** on YouTube, watching them play an Xbox game that they F****** own themselves, but noooooo, its more fun watching some snotty bratty b***** playing it!!"

Typical good parenting statement: “Mine aren’t allowed treats in between meals, they have Fruit”

Chelsea's response: "Carole you bu********** Arse Goblin!! I left the room for 5 Minutes last week and this happened, A f*** Tonne of Milk! A whole Tray of Biscuits. Both ipads and Massive happy faces!!!Like f*** I was taking it off them. I was proud of their teamwork !! 

Chelsea wants her kids to have fun, and she wants a chance to wash her hair!

"They’re Children. They should be allowed Chicken Nuggets for Tea every now and then. It’s OK if they have a Late night here and there, or an ipad game/film for longer than 20 Minutes so we can maybe, just maybe wash our F****** hair alone without Our Gremlins trashing the bathroom like a pair of Wild B****** Seals!!Mums You’re doing just fine! Make the F****** Nuggets. Utilize the ipads so you can maybe hear the voices in your head again . Let them knacker themselves out playing TMNT upstairs on the C****** Curtains until they flake out, and let them have a treat, Let them steal the cookies from the cupboard and let them be F****** proud of it!"

Chelsea received tremendous support from parents who agree that kids should be able to have some fun!

Here's a link to the full (NSFW) Facebook post. Let's see how long it stays up!

Thanks for keeping it real, Chelsea.