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YouTube screenshot/CBS This Morning
Stephen King Asked Twitter To Cheer Him Up With A Joke—And They Certainly Did
3 months ago

Where does Stephen King, the master of horror, turn when he's in the depths of Misery? To Twitter of course: 

With over 8,000 comments, someone was sure to make King laugh, right? But at first, he was only mildly entertained.

Nothing was getting him out of The Dead Zone:

After an hour, the situation was one of Desperation.

That is, until Lucy Gumble of Carshalton, England, nailed It. After all, Everything's Eventual:

And once King's Bag of (funny) Bones was adequately tickled, he couldn't stop.

King tweeted, "Now I'm laughing at all of them," then retweeted some of the jokes he thought were the best: 

Someone should have just said, "Hey Stephen, I heard Dean Koontz is coming for your #1 spot." That would have gotten his Tommyknockers jostling. But seriously, we hope all the levity brightened King's mood and he has emerged from his Dark Tower.

Here's King's joke about his beloved Corgi. He tweeted it a day later, and it's definitely his brand of humor: