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Political Reporter Let His 7-Year-Old Watch The State Of The Union—And Her Commentary Is So Pure

Greg Bluestein's daughter had an idea—she wanted to stay up late and watch the State of the Union address with her father (@bluestein) Tuesday night. Bluestein, a political reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJL) decided to let her, tweeting "Let's see how long she makes it.

He spent the next hour live-tweeting his 7-year-old daughter's comments (and shenanigans) and the people of Twitter were riveted.

Maybe "Daddy" shouldn't be telling people he knows "everything."

Ah! The call of the fruit snack—its pull is just too strong.

And she's out . . . (*she lasted a record 40 minutes, folks!! And she's only 7!) 

And, the REAL reason she wanted to stay up emerges . . . 

Twitter was loving this kid's accidentally insightful commentary:

She said what we're ALL thinking:

As always, there were the expected naysayers:

Regardless of whether the tweets were wholly true or not, one thing is for sure—it was entertaining.

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