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Rich Polk / Getty Images
Algorithm Can Replace Face Of Any Actor In Any Movie—And Of Course People Go With Nic Cage

We have now officially entered a new phase of technology that we can never back out of. 

There is an impressive machine learning algorithm known as 'deepfakes' which can swap the faces of existing media with other celebrities. Basically, that means that any actor can star in any movie that has already been released.

Cool, right?

So, which actor has been the most popular amongst the online fad so far? None other than Nicolas Cage. 

Not a single person is surprised, but people are loving on this new concept of being able to insert him into anything...and we do mean anything. 

Here he is in Indiana Jones:

And here he is as the suave and sophisticated James Bond:

Here he is as frickin' Lois Lane because this is a dark, deranged world we're now living in:

Perhaps one of the best double features we've ever come across:

Are we making the most out of this revolutionary, inspiring newfound technology? Absolutely.

There are still a plethora of films Nic should be starring in. Mean Girls? Like, the entire cast, or at least as Regina George because that would be everything. Suicide Squad? Harley Quinn, Joker, Enchantress...

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