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Police Pull Over Two Cars In Spain Completely Packed With Oranges—And People Have Questions

Winter may be the best time of year to stock up on vitamin-c, but a for a group of thieves in Spain their bizarre heist may have taken things little too far. 

Police officers in Seville began to suspect something was amiss when they noticed two cars driving very close together. When the police attempted to pull them over the cars made a break for it. 

Following a short chase down a dirt road the police apprehended the suspects and inspected their vehicles. Inside, the found the cars completely stuffed with oranges. 

According to the drivers they were “coming from very far away and had been stopping and collecting oranges along the way,” but the police didn't buy their story. Later the police discovered a truck also packed with oranges. In total they found over 4 tons of oranges.  They eventually learned the oranges were part of a shipment that had been stolen earlier. Five people, including a couple, their adult son, and two brothers were arrested and charged with theft. 

Once Twitter got wind of the story the police weren't the only ones with questions. 

But more than questions, Twitter had puns...

And puns...

And more puns.

And though the orange thieves are in custody it seems their accomplices may have evaded capture. 

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