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Woman Steals Package From Home—And Gets A Dose Of Instant Karma

Woman Steals Package From Home—And Gets A Dose Of Instant Karma
Updated 4 months ago

Someone needs to rethink their line of "work." 

It's a sad but true fact that some people steal packages off doorsteps. In fact, as online shopping continues to grow, package theft also appears to be on the rise

But that doesn't mean thieves always get away with it, as this woman in Lynwood, Washington just found out the hard way. Running off with a few packages that were delivered just moments earlier by UPS, she's suddenly served a heaping mound of instant karma. 

Lucky for us, it was all caught on camera:

The woman is in such a hurry to make her getaway, she slips on the grass, falls, and injures herself so badly she is unable to get back up. 

The full-length video tells the whole story:

The getaway driver even had to get out to help the wounded party, carrying her to the car, then walking back to collect the packages. Now, that's dedication! 

According to a local news outlet, the homeowner, Lizeth Ababneh, found the footage humorous. But not so funny was the fact that her husband's medication was inside one of the three packages. 

The case is currently being investigated by the county sheriff's office. 

While many commenters made their usual observations . . .

...some took a disturbingly violent turn...

And a shocking number of people chose to reveal their own true colors, making tasteless, fat-shaming comments about the woman. 

I mean... 

Not a great day for humanity all around.