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Mark Brake/Getty Images
Elon Musk Is Now Selling Flamethrowers—And This Can't End Well
3 months ago

He may be one of the richest men on the planet, but Elon Musk has kept the child inside him alive. Specifically, the childlike part of him that wants to play with a flamethrower. Musk's company, The Boring Company, is selling flamethrowers online for $500, which is a small price to pay for the time of your life!

Musk is beyond excited about his new product.

He has to say this for legal reasons:

SOMEONE had to address the elephant in the room.

But how can this be legal?

Musk knows business, and he knows flamethrowers. This was a slam-dunk waiting to happen. 

Musk is cementing his status as an American hero!

If a flamethrower is what you need in your life right now, head over to The Boring Company's website and pre-order one for yourself!