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Photo by Terence Patrick/CBS via Getty Images)
Man's Story About A Photo Op With Matthew Broderick Gone Wrong Has The Best Twist Ending
3 months ago

People do the funniest stuff when meeting a celebrity for the first time. Some scream, cry, or ask for a pic. Some stare, mumble incoherently, or behave in other inexplicable ways. But if you've never been in the presence of greatness — especially someone you really like or admire — you have no way of predicting how you might embarrass yourself.

This is what happened to @HonoredSpirits' friend when he found himself face-to-face with Matthew Broderick in Montauk: 

But wait! It gets better:

Imagine how that made Broderick's friend feel. I mean, asking the not-so-famous guy to step out of the frame. The nerve. 😉

Yeah, that really happened.

Of course, Twitter went mad for this story:

Some commiserated with the photo taker:

But only a true fan would have posted this hilarious snap:

We're with @miickaaay:

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