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YouTube screenshot (Village of the Damned -- 1960)
Twitter User Asks For The Creepiest Things Kids Have Done—And Boy Did People Deliver 😳

They're ingrained in our minds: Damien from The Omen, the Grady twins (The Shining), Regan (The Exorcist), Carol-Anne (Poltergeist), all of those Children of the Corn... the list goes on. There's something powerfully disturbing about the innocence of childhood combined with the macabre, the creepy, the frightening, or even the slightly off-kilter. Perhaps it's their honesty and head-in-the-clouds nature that causes children to say and do freaky things from time to time. Or maybe it's their inability to distinguish fantasy from reality. At any rate, Hollywood has certainly capitalized on it.

Writer Mikki Kendall asked people to share their creepiest stories about kids, offering some real-life fodder for our nightmares.

Some responses were mildly odd or freaky:

Other stories were straight up spooky:

And some were downright terrifying:

And a couple were just a little gross:

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