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Twitter Roasts Tech Guru Who Stole 'Tampons' From An Amazon Go Store—And For Good Reason

Amazon now has retail stores, and they're missing something ubiquitous in all others... cashiers. Customers walk in, sign in with their Amazon account, and a complex system of cameras and sensors tracks what you take off the shelves and charges your Amazon account automatically when you leave. Well, Linus Tech Tips did a review of the new stores, but a backstory he invented is drawing scrutiny. He opens the video with a story of a girlfriend in need of tampons but unable to leave the house, and a boyfriend too embarrassed to buy them for her from a real-life human cashier...

Um, okay.



But watch this video closely (the incident starts around the five-minute mark):


No, it's not the fact that he "stole" an item that's at issue. It's the fact that those are not tampons. As the title of the video says, they are pads.

Something this Twitter user was quick to point out:

Some pointed out other issues with the video, like how he talks about periods...

Some people defended him:

But not everyone was buying that excuse:

And then Linus chimed in on the controversy:

But his explanation didn't really appease anyone:

A swing and a miss, Linus. A swing and a miss.

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