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Andy Robert via Getty Images
Man Drops One Of Those Massive, Expensive Bottles Of Champagne—And We Feel For Him
3 months ago

An unknown man in an Ibiza nightclub had his moment in the spotlight when he attempted to open a magnum of expensive Champagne with a price tag of roughly $37,000. A large crowd gathered to watch this extreme waste of money with great enthusiasm.  

Things seem to be going well for the man but then the bottle wobbles and crashes to the floor spilling the liquid gold all over his suit. The man covers his face with embarrassment as the crowd gasps. Maybe next time he wants to shine, he can write a check and hand it over to a charity. If he drops it, it's still good. 

Twitter users had plenty of feelings, and not many were particularly compassionate. 

You can watch the clip in full below.

Twitter continued to throw shade at the man for such a waste of money. 

The term "moron" was getting thrown around a bit. 

Next time, stick with beer. You'll still have fun and with all the money you save you can help someone less fortunate.