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That Ridiculous London Bus Announcement Has Now Been Changed—But People Are Still Pissed

Transport for London recently implemented a new recorded announcement that says, "Please hold on, the bus is about to move." The recording was, ostensibly, for the safety of bus passengers. The only problem was that it often played after the bus had begun to move. That, and Londoners found it highly annoying. 

Safety police can now rest assured — the timing has been fixed. But for some reason, Londoners are still ticked off about it.

The announcement now says, "Please hold on while the bus is moving" — a subtle change, yet significant?

Transport for London is no doubt figuring they've covered their arses on those occasions it plays once the bus is already in motion.

However, bus riders continue to find it irritating:

But others didn't see a cause for concern, or even discussion:

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